Elites fund Emanuel campaign

Wealthy supporters of Rahm Emanuel have contributed more than $45.2 million to his campaign and the political action committee that he controls since he first ran for the Mayor of Chicago. 

45 of Mayor Emanuel’s donors have written checks for $100,000 or more, with some greatly exceeding that amount.  Importantly, more than two-thirds of the + $100,000 checks came from donors outside of Chicago. 

Emanuel's 2015 war chest

During his 2015 Mayoral re-election, his campaign and supporting political action committees spent more than $22.8 million in the preliminary and runoff elections.

A few notable contributors to Emanuel's war chest include: 

  • $1.2 million from billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin
  • $2.4 million from wealthy financier Michael Sacks and his wife Cari

Emanuel's competitor Jesus "Chuy" Garcia spent only $4.6 million during the election.

Chicago's elite donor class

The public policy organization Demos released a post-mortem of the 2015 campaign outlining the disproportionate influence of white, wealthy donors in Chicago politics.

The study found 94% of Emanuel’s donors to be white, in a city where whites make up 39% of Chicagoans. People of color — who comprise nearly two-thirds of Chicago’s population — represented just five percent of his donors. 

Researchers found that roughly 80 percent of Emanuel’s total cash haul came from donors earning more than $100,000 a year.


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