What does Griffin want in return?

Kenneth C. Griffin, CEO of Citadel, is the richest man in Illinois and estimated be the highest paid hedge fund manager in the world. Griffin's estimated $7.5 billion personal fortune allows him to dominate political giving in Illinois.

Griffin has a longstanding history of donating to Illinois Republican Party interests, but his political spending activities skyrocketed when friend Bruce Rauner launched a bid for the Illinois Governor's Mansion. 

Citizens for Rauner Inc., a campaign committee, received almost $13.6 million from Griffin over the past three years. This includes more than $71,000 in value when he put his private plane at Mr. Rauner’s disposal.

For perspective, Griffin singlehandedly donated more money to Rauner than opponent Governor Quinn raised from 240 labor unions!

Post election donations

Griffin's giving has continued after Rauner entered the Governor's Mansion. In the past three years, Griffin has donated approximately $27 million to the Illinois Republican Party, elected officials and Republican-leaning political action committees. This does not include $1.2 million to interests supporting Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in his 2015 re-election campaign. 


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