Rauner sets spending record

Governor Bruce Rauner has raised over $96.8 million since launching his political campaign back in March 2013, transforming the Illinois political landscape by flooding it with money. 

A small pool of massive wealth

Rauner gave his own campaign more money than was raised by all candidates in the previous two gubernatorial elections. 

Supporters Ken Griffin and Richard Uihlein also kicked in large sums for a total of $61.5 million from only three donors. 

  • $45.3 million from Bruce Rauner to his own campaign
  • $13.6 million from Ken Griffin
  • $2.6 million from Richard Uihlein

Changing the face of Illinois politics

Rauner’s campaign has donated $28.9 million to the Illinois Republican Party–72% of all of the money that the Illinois GOP has raised during that time. Over the same period, the Governor’s campaign has dumped approximately $537,000 into the campaigns of individual Republican candidates across the state.


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Illinois State Board of Elections Citizens for Rauner report

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